Reflections on the Differences Between the UK and Taiwan by Elvis Wez

When you are growing up you sometimes wonder where you will you end up after becoming an adult. Sometimes you end up in a place that you had never even heard of before you actually visit it for the first time. This is what happens to many expats strewn across East Asia, and our new... Continue Reading →

High school students take on Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan 2017

  This year Dragons' Chamber Taiwan saw three high school teams from the Dominican International School try their hand at getting investment in their businesses. They applied for the competition and were selected to be part of the preliminary round, where organizers listen to the pitches and determine the finalists. The three teams that got through were:... Continue Reading →

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan, 2017

The second annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan is about to kick off. The final teams have been chosen and the final date is set. This year five teams have made it through to the finals. Dragons’ Chambers is a version of the popular business pitching show Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank in the U.S.) for foreign entrepreneurs currently in... Continue Reading →

Su Beng’s 100th Birthday Gala

The Taiwan Observer team was invited by a local activist and artist Kenbo Liao to join Su Beng's 100th birthday celebration. The event was held on Nov, 5, 2017. There were many of Su Beng's fans and other political activists at the event. The security was extremely tight since president Tsai showed up to say... Continue Reading →

iPhone X launch at Taipei 101 The iPhone X was released this morning early at 8 am. There were queues of people lined up all night around the city, many lining up at 101 and many lining up at telecom stores. All to be the first to get the new highly anticipated iPhone X. Last night the guards at the... Continue Reading →

Nighttime Stakeout for New iPhone X Early in the morning of November 3rd, 2017 one of Taiwan Observer correspondents set off on a mission to see how release of the new iPhone X unfolded in Taipei City. First, he went to the one and only official Apple store in Taiwan located in Taipei, next to the famous 101 skyscraper building.... Continue Reading →

ShuHong Riverside Park 119 Rescue Services Event

At ShuHong Riverside Park. On Saturday one of the Taiwan Observer and ASOT's correspondents happened upon an event while driving around New Taipei city. There was a line of rescue vehicles of all shapes and sizes on the side of the road. He was curious so he stopped off to check it out. He walked over... Continue Reading →

South African Expats show solidarity with protesters on “Black Monday”

Recently South Africa has seen a surge in attacks on farmers. These attacks have seen many farmers assaulted, robbed and murdered. Members of the South African community in Taiwan wanted to show their solidarity with the people protesting against the murders. The movement called “Black Monday” saw protesters block roads and wear all black in... Continue Reading →

Mighty Cadillacs, Rarity in Taipei

Taipei is a medium sized metropolis with quite a bit of traffic. Thousands of cars drive on well organized roads everyday. Most of the cars that one can see  here are domestically assembled Japanese, Korean or European automobiles, American cars are rather hard to come across. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that in... Continue Reading →

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