Filipino workers in Taiwan, unpaid this Christmas

It is tradition for every Filipino worker that had a chance for a stint overseas to send some money to their loved ones back home for Christmas. During the Christmas period in the Philippines prices of goods and services are way more expensive when compared with the rest of the year. For Filipinos buying Christmas... Continue Reading →

Linkou Freeway Crash, 3 dead 1 injured At 3:20 in the afternoon, just below a viaduct of recently finished airport MRT a terrible accident happened. On the Southbound part of the Freeway number 1, as many as six vehicles have collided creating a pile-up that eventually got partially engulfed in fire. The crash took place in Linkou, New Taipei City. As the result... Continue Reading →

Waterlogged gas pipes and a singing man, did he do it?

In the evening hours of a cold night residents of a building in Luzhou heard somebody having a loud karaoke session. A tenant went downstairs to check if it was in the basement, it wasn’t. It was on the second floor, which they went up to in order to check what was going. Upon reaching... Continue Reading →

Star Wars cosplay and promotion in Ximending (photos)

On December 16th in the afternoon and evening on the "Movie Street" Taiwan Observer happened to come upon a Star Wars cosplay event. A group of local Star Wars enthusiasts and the Vieshow Cinemas held a little star wars event including a march, crafts and all your favorite characters. The cos-players were happy to pose for... Continue Reading →

Taipei 101 released a simulation of this year’s fireworks display (video)

Taipei 101 has released a minute long preview video of this years fireworks display. This is a video simulating what will be the view of the 101 tower as it holds the longest fireworks display in its history. The fireworks and light display will run for 6 minutes, from 11:59pm to 12:05am, about 2 minutes... Continue Reading →

Changhua Missing Girl Found

In the turn of events the 'Changhua Missing Girl' that failed to return home on Friday night has been found and is now safe and sound in her host's house in Changhua . A friend of hers was informed early in the morning on Sunday (December 17th, 2017), that the girl was found and kept... Continue Reading →

GIRL HAS BEEN FOUND “Missing Girl, Help Needed”

* * * * * * * Update :  * * * * * * * A missing girl who netizens from Social Media of Taiwan helped looking for last night, has turned up all safe and sound at a Police station in Taichung. She was picked up in the early hours of Sunday at... Continue Reading →

Taoyuan Factory Fire Aftermath, in photos

Deadly fire that killed six Vietnamese workers in the wee hours last Thursday (December 14th, 2017) didn't leave much of the illegal dorm adjacent to the factory. Our correspondent went to the scene today to discover the eerie site, the remains of the dorm can be clearly seen with a metal staircase leading to the... Continue Reading →

W.A.R.M.: Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues, a women’s support group in Taipei

Depression has been regarded by the UN World Health Organization as one of the three major diseases of the new century. It lines up with cancer and AIDS to devour the people's physical and mental health. According to the UN World Health Organization, there are currently between 200 and 400 million people in the world... Continue Reading →

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