The Battle for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

[中譯版請見以下] Taiwan Voice is proud to offer a platform for people in the community to share their voices. This piece was written in response to the current debate on marriage equality and its Christian opposition, and on how marriage equality would benefit Taiwan. ___ Hey, Straight People, This coming weekend is a big vote, indeed.... Continue Reading →

Thousands Set to Attend the Next Massive Free Beach Party at Cijin Island

The Spring Break organizers are continuing their collaboration with Sunset Beach Bar and the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau to make Cijin Island’s gigantic free beach party even bigger. This time the festival will go two days, feature over 20 performers and add a second sound setup! On Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd, On the... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Tourism Bureau helps set up SunMoon Lake proposal for Israeli model Bar Zomer

Landing in Taipei on Taiwanese Valentine’s Day, Israeli supermodel Bar Zomer had no idea what the week had in-store for her. After being invited by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) on a promotional familiarization tour of some of the the most popular sites and foods Taiwan has to offer, TTB had in fact worked in... Continue Reading →

Taiwan National Clean Up

Taiwan’s National Clean Up Event is in its second year running this coming May 20, 2018 and will take place in twelve locations across Taiwan: Fulong Beach – event link Danshui – event link Jinshan – event link Wai’ao – event link Pingxi – event link Shifen – event link Taitung – event link Baishawan... Continue Reading →

Get rich with Taiwan Observer’s Monetization Scheme

[the article was a prank prepared for April's Fools Day] Hey there, Observers! After producing content and aggregating news effortlessly for quite a some time now, the time has come for monetization and cashing in on our efforts. One of Taiwan Observer's co founders has recently bought a car and this lead us to discovering... Continue Reading →

My cyberbullying experience and what it means for safety of kids online

Are your kids truly safe on social media? By Quintin Dormehl This is a question most parents have had to ask at least once or twice in their lives; and with everything going on recently, who can blame them? Dominating the headlines the past few weeks were the Facebook scandal where Cambridge Analytica mined data... Continue Reading →

Spring Break on the Beach carries on the Tradition of Kenting Music Festivals

Every year, several hundred thousand young people travel south to Taiwan’s premier beach town for the long holiday the first weekend of April. Many thousands will attend 2018 夏都春宴 Spring Break on the Beach, at Kenting’s only 5 star Beach resort, Chateau 墾丁夏都沙灘酒店. On Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 7th, 2018, On the Beach... Continue Reading →

A Women’s Mental Health Support Group: Going Beyond and Changing the Society for The Better

Depression has been regarded by the UN World Health Organization as the three major diseases of the new century. According to the UN World Health Organization, there are at least about 50 million people with depression in Asia and their numbers are on the rise. By 2020, depression and heart disease will have become the... Continue Reading →

Taiwanese indie music: Nuke ‘Em All 1st Birthday

On the 27th of this month Nuke ‘em all celebrates a year of bringing its unfiltered sound to the dancefloors across Taipei with a special event at Revolver. Based on a legendary club night in east London, UK from the late 00’s, the Taiwanese version has truly carried on the legacy by mixing DJ’s playing... Continue Reading →

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