Taipei Shorts: A collection of six original plays at one event

This whole weekend, starting on Friday the Red Room, a creative space in central Taipei, will see a lot of performing action coming from one of Taipei’s most dedicated group of actors. The group itself is an amalgamate of locally based international and native Taiwanese actors and actresses. Taipei Shorts is currently the only English... Continue Reading →


年年吸引大批年輕樂迷及派對子民們,於國內外皆享富盛名的南台灣派對「夏都春宴 Spring Break on the Beach」將於4月4、5、6日正式登場,要與墾丁的艷陽一起點燃大家的派對魂!今年主辦單位更邀請到網路人氣居高不下的日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久) 以及台灣最大哈雷車隊多達三百位車友,大陣仗地一同前往墾丁參加夏都春宴。三百輛的客製化哈雷機車在墾丁大街上吸睛程度可能不輸給往年的高級跑車。 今年邀請的國際藝人包含法國音樂鬼才 Solberjum、巡迴世界的英國DJ Swindali、香港知名DJ Mojito 以及日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久)。國內藝人DJ也邀請了號稱「派對之王」的FAMOUS、英國Glastonbury音樂祭固定班底 DJ Chamber 以及南台灣的派對女神 MoneyDick 連歷史久遠的「春天吶喊」也敵不過夏都春宴的高人氣,不僅更改了活動時間,避開競爭,也遷往高雄另闢戰場。作為墾丁當地僅剩的一場音樂活動,夏都春宴主辦單位不僅無所畏懼,更是擴大這場音樂盛事,增建一座舞台,吸引更多不同的樂迷一同前往墾丁。 大陸遊客人潮銳減,使得墾丁住房價格拉低,正是台灣人南下前往墾丁旅遊的好時機。南臺灣舒適的暖冬也也象徵著春天即將到來的艷陽與好天氣,住在溼冷北部的民眾將放下家裡的雨傘,驅車來到墾丁感受舒適的溫暖氣候。 台灣的第一場大規模哈雷機車大會師也即將在墾丁舉行。今年主辦單位邀請到台灣最大哈雷車隊多達三百位車友,大陣仗地一同前往墾丁參加夏都春宴。三百輛的客製化哈雷機車在墾丁大街上吸睛程度可能不輸給往年的高級跑車。 網路高人氣的日本搞笑藝人 Wes-P(植草和久)以高超技巧裸體抽桌巾走紅,讓杯子與餐盤在桌巾抽走後仍能巧妙地遮住重點部位。在英國達人秀演出時,更是讓毒舌評審賽門震驚得啞口無言。今年主辦單位邀請到這位當紅的藝人在夏都春宴現場演出,娛樂效果比起在Youtube上看到的一定更為精彩。 除了三天精彩的演出與每日三小時的酒水暢飲,今年主辦單位更首次增設了第二座舞台。這將能在活動上排入更多的演出藝人,這次為期三日的活動有超過100位的表演者,包含50位DJ、50位舞者、特技藝人、高蹺與雜耍藝人等馬戲團式的近距離演出。國內外知名DJ帶來多重音樂曲風,更能讓喜歡不同音樂的民眾都可以在夏都春宴同歡 Facebook Links 臉書連結: Primary Organizer: Official Event Page: Bikini Dance Off: Venue Link: Last Festival Standing: Chateau’s Annual Beach Party in Kenting Is Spring Break Weekend’s Only... Continue Reading →

Last Festival Standing: Chateau’s Annual Beach Party in Kenting Is Spring Break Weekend’s Only Fest Left

This Spring Break weekend on April 4th, 5th and 6th, local and international DJs, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, an internet celebrity who’s appeared on America’s got talent, 300 bikers, and thousands of Taiwan’s craziest party people will descend on Kenting for Chateau’s 2019 Spring Break on the Beach. This year’s international Acts include up and coming... Continue Reading →

The Battle for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

[中譯版請見以下] Taiwan Voice is proud to offer a platform for people in the community to share their voices. This piece was written in response to the current debate on marriage equality and its Christian opposition, and on how marriage equality would benefit Taiwan. ___ Hey, Straight People, This coming weekend is a big vote, indeed.... Continue Reading →

Thousands Set to Attend the Next Massive Free Beach Party at Cijin Island

The Spring Break organizers are continuing their collaboration with Sunset Beach Bar and the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau to make Cijin Island’s gigantic free beach party even bigger. This time the festival will go two days, feature over 20 performers and add a second sound setup! On Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd, On the... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Tourism Bureau helps set up SunMoon Lake proposal for Israeli model Bar Zomer

Landing in Taipei on Taiwanese Valentine’s Day, Israeli supermodel Bar Zomer had no idea what the week had in-store for her. After being invited by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) on a promotional familiarization tour of some of the the most popular sites and foods Taiwan has to offer, TTB had in fact worked in... Continue Reading →

The Tattoo Guy gets beaten up in Cambodia

Many of you probably remember last October's tattoo star of Taiwan, the Tattoo Guy. In late 2017 he decided to tattoo in traditional mandarin characters the word Taiwan right on his forehead and a little island of Taiwan on his chin. We were informed by him personally earlier on this year that he is currently... Continue Reading →

Taiwan National Clean Up

Taiwan’s National Clean Up Event is in its second year running this coming May 20, 2018 and will take place in twelve locations across Taiwan: Fulong Beach – event link Danshui – event link Jinshan – event link Wai’ao – event link Pingxi – event link Shifen – event link Taitung – event link Baishawan... Continue Reading →

Get rich with Taiwan Observer’s Monetization Scheme

[the article was a prank prepared for April's Fools Day] Hey there, Observers! After producing content and aggregating news effortlessly for quite a some time now, the time has come for monetization and cashing in on our efforts. One of Taiwan Observer's co founders has recently bought a car and this lead us to discovering... Continue Reading →

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